Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Virgo

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Hello friends I hope you have been enjoying the Moon Sign compatibility series. We reach the halfway point in our journey in covering the individual signs. Once we reach that point I will go into greater detail on who is compatible with who. Today we are going to look at the Virgo Moon. So what does it mean when you have a Moon in Virgo, or if your partner does? If you follow my Tumblr blog then you’ve heard me discuss what it means in the daily forecast when the Moon is in Virgo. It’s no different when the Moon is in Virgo on your chart, it simply means those qualities are enhanced in your emotional personality, rather than in your day to day life. But what are those qualities? Well, let’s have a look. Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Leo

Hello friends, I hope you have been enjoying the series on Moon Signs! If you ever have a question on any of the Moon Signs, please drop me a comment here or over at Facebook or Twitter where I can get a direct message. I’d be happy to help and you might even see your question answered in a feature post! And don’t forget to drop into my About Me Page to be sure you are appreciated during Reader’s Appreciation Month. How can I show you my appreciation? Please let me know! But for now we are moving to the Leo Moon, ahhh an exciting creature no doubt. Let’s have a look. Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Cancer

I hope that you have been enjoying the blog discussion series on Moon sign compatibility. Today we have an exciting one, as we explore the Moon in Cancer. Although all studies of the Moon Signs are fascinating, the people with Moon in Cancer have a particularly intense Moon sign. The reason for this is that the Moon is ruled by Cancer, and as such, the Cancer effects and the Moon effects for those with this Moon Sign are particularly intensified. So what is there to know about those with Moon in Cancer? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Gemini

I hope you have been enjoying the blog discussion series on the Moon in Gemini. If you have missed any of it, check out my About Me page or Pinterest boards where all of the links are published. It’s not too late to join in the discussion, we have many more Moons to go! I hope you have found a Moon Sign calculator and determined the Moon Signs of both you and your partner, as knowing your Moon signs will help you tremendously when it comes to navigating your relationship. But let’s get to today’s discussion. Here we have the Moon in Gemini, some might say, a little of Jekyll, and a little of Hyde. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Taurus

I hope you have been enjoying the blog discussion series on the Moon Signs. If you have any specific questions as we explore this process, please do drop me a note on my Facebook or Twitter page and I would love to help you out. Sometimes we read something in these descriptions that make perfect sense, but not 100% sense. Remember that we all as humans are all so different as well, so as often as we have similarities, we also have differences. So if you need any help clarifying any confusions that may come up as you read your Moon Signs and your partner’s Moon Signs,be sure to let me know! This series is designed to give you clarity, not confusion, and I certainly don’t want anyone left in the dark. That being said, let’s get right into today’s topic. Do you have, or does someone you care about have the Moon in Taurus? What does that mean? Well let’s find out. Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Aries

I hope you have been enjoying the Norah Guide Blog Discussion Series on Moon Sign compatibility! Today we are at the next stage of our Moon Sign exploration, and examine the Moon in Aries. Is your Moon in Aries? Is your partners? Knowing more about their Moon sign and how yours works together can give you an abundance of clarity in your relationships. Let’s look at what life is like for those with the Moon in Aries. Continue reading