Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology like all other astrology types depicts the influence of stars and heavenly bodies on earthly events and human behaviour. This style of astrological study is based on the conventional astronomy developed during the second century BC and the lunar calendar. The Chinese new year unlike the western falls in the February month of the western calendar. The Chinese astrology involves Chinese philosophy, the Wu Xing teachings, astronomy and the Chinese calendar. Created by Lord Buddha himself, this astrology style is symbolised by 12 animal zodiac signs namely the rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and boar/pig, each depicting peculiar characteristics of individuals born under these zodiac signs.

The signs in this astrology type are based on a Lunar year not a Solar Year based on the year of an individual’s birth rather than the day. Though everyone born under one sign do not literally have the same traits, but largely some or the other characteristics distinguish them from individuals of different signs.

The five elements in Chinese astrology play a major role in forecasting an individual’s horoscope, each element depicting the 5 planets symbolised with different colours.

Wood (Jupiter-Blue/Green): This element of the Chinese astrology depicts that the people born in a year with wood element have high morals, diversified interests, have a tendency to overburden themselves, get too dependent on others at times, are prone to growth and are satisfied with what they have.

Fire (Mars-Red): People born under the Fire sign are born to rule and make great leaders, high confidence, capability to make decisions, love for adventure, nature to explore new prospects and attractive makes them stand out in the crowd. Though strong in their thoughts individuals of this sign are very emotional but could be really mean and brash at times.

Earth (Saturn-Yellow/Brown): Those who are represented by the earth element are typically highly ambitious, serious and logical. They are level-headed individuals and conservative by nature, but also have a great deal of discipline, making them good administrators or planners. They sometimes need to invoke more adventure into their lives as they can lack imagination.

Metal (Venus-White): Individuals under this sign are confident, determined and hardworking in nature. They tend to pass all hardships to succeed in life but and could be obstinate and difficult to deal with in the process. They are money minded and do not like anyone interfering in their personal matters.

Water (Mercury-Black): Water people are great communicators and good at making personal relations. They are flexible and spontaneous most of the times but inactive and too dependent on others at times in nature.

Though each of these elements seem complete within themselves, none of them is the strongest or the weakest, each element is dependent on the other for its growth and downfall.

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