The Planets, the Houses and Major Aspects

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If you’ve ever read your horoscope or requested a natal chart, then you know that astrology is full of planets lining up in houses while they conjunct, trine and oppose each other.

But is all that astrology mumbo-jumbo just fluff or is there really something to these mysterious components of your astrological chart?

The truth is, you don’t have to understand all these aspects to read a horoscope… but if you’re wanting to learn more about why you are the way you are or how to approach a particular challenge in your life, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re putting together a complete primer on the houses and planets of astrology, plus we’ll also explain the major aspects and how they affect your personal astrology reading.

Stay tuned… we’ll be posting new information very soon and we’re betting it will change the way you approach every aspect of your life!

One thought on “The Planets, the Houses and Major Aspects

  1. Aburahman says:

    My first chart reading given to me was neuogh to convince me that I needed to learn astrology because the guy had ripped me off with his lack of knowledge. He had been unable to tell me a thing I hadn’t already read and understood about my chart from books and he hadn’t been able to tell me the critical importance of getting my accurate birth time. Despite that I had mentioned my belief that I had a particular rising sign and the time I believed I was born, he opted to go with the time my mother remembered even though I was the youngest in my family and my mother had stated outright that she wasn’t sure. He never even suggested that I obtain a new birth certificate from our Bureau of Vital Statistics. As a result of the experience, I swore I would learn astrology with a goal of self-protection from other frauds like he was and teaching others the difference between good astrology and bad.My first reading I performed was a test my mentor used to see if I was ready to venture out in the world. When I was done, after a long pause he described as my having left him breathless, he told me I’d just read the late John Lennon’s chart. I’ve been reading ever since.

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