Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Pisces


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Hello friends, I hope you have enjoyed our Moon Sign series. We are just about to wrap things up, but still not quite there yet. We have to wrap up the Moons in the zodiac today, and this will be followed by a discussion of compatibilities between the Moon signs. By now you have probably already looked at the Moon on your chart and compared that to our zodiac discussion, and maybe even done the same thing with your partner’s Moon Sign as well. The next logical step then will be to discuss how to make those similarities and differences between you work so well. But that’s next time. Today we are going to look at the last of the Moon Signs in the zodiac, the Pisces Moon. And since the Moon rules watery Cancer, and Pisces is a water sign, you can imagine that someone with this moon sign would be a very interesting person indeed. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Aquarius


Hello friends, I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with of the Moon Signs as much as I have! Today we are getting closer to wrapping up the Moon Sign series, but fret not friends and followers as I will not leave you empty handed. If you have any questions about your Moon Sign once the series wraps up you can always touch base with me directly via Facebook or Twitter. Be sure you are staying tuned into Facebook as well for the love tips that will be starting during the month of May. But today we look at the Moon in Aquarius. What does it mean if this is where the Moon appears in your chart, or on your partner’s? This is exactly what I am talking about today. So let’s get to it! Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Capricorn


Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying our coverage of the Moon Signs! We are nearing the end of our Moon Sign compatibility series as far as covering the zodiac signs is concerned. Once we wrap up the individual signs I will start talking about how to use your newfound Moon Sign knowledge to enhance your current relationship, or how to use it when you are single and still looking for love. That’s coming up so be sure you are tuned into my About Me page where all of the feeds to my blogs are published in real time, or my Pinterest boards and Twitter pages get the links posted there as well. That way you won’t miss a single beat. Today we are going to look at the Capricorn Moon. If you have your Moon in Capricorn, or someone that you love does, then you will find today’s information very useful in terms of getting to know them, or yourself, that much better. Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Sagittarius


We are nearing the end of our Moon Signs, after which we will explore the compatibility aspect behind this mysterious aspect of your personality. Until then, knowing what your own Moon Sign or your partner’s Moon Sign is can be extremely helpful when it comes to understanding yourself, or your partner more. Today we are going to look at what it means for the Moon to be in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius. If your chart is showing your Moon in Sagittarius, you have a very exciting personality no doubt. Let’s have a look, shall we? Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Scorpio

I hope you all have been enjoying the discussion series on the Moon Signs. We are nearing the end of the study of each of the signs and should have that wrapped up in a few weeks. Once we reach that point we will look more in detail on the compatibility part of all of it, examining more the best and worst matches for Moon Sign compatibility. It’s an exciting study of astrology. Knowing what role the Moon plays in our natal chart can be so revealing. If you are having problems understanding your emotional life with someone right now, see if you can find out what your Moon placement is, and what theirs is as well. When you do find that out, come back to the blog series and have a look at what you can do to help them better understand you. The Moon rules that side of us that we often don’t let out to the world, our secrets, our mysteries, our deepest darkest feelings that we don’t want to share. Your Moon placement will tell you a lot about how to maximize and navigate those emotional parts of your life, and of your partners. What does it mean if your Moon is in Scorpio? Probably the most intense, and some argue the most emotional of the water signs. Let’s find out! Continue reading

Norah Guide Explores the Moon in Libra

I hope you all have been enjoying the Moon Sign compatibility series. Knowing where the personal planets are in our charts, and what those placements means, can be so enriching on your journey of enlightenment. It also helps to know where the personal planets are in your partner’s chart as well. If you like this series, you might also like my other blog series on the other personal planets, the Sun, Mars, and Venus. A Jupiter series will also be starting up very soon! Make sure you bookmark my About Me page or follow my Pinterest boards to make sure you don’t miss the ones that will mean the most to you. Today however we are going to look at the Libra Moon. What does it mean if your Moon is in Libra? Let’s find out. Continue reading