Astrology basics: houses 9-12

Houses of the natal chart 9-12

If we continue to utilize the astrological alphabet to find correspondences between the houses of an astrology chart and the order of the signs in the natural zodiac, the ninth house relates to Sagittarius.  The ninth house rules matters pertaining to long distance travel; interest in foreign cultures; higher education; media and publishing as well as interaction with authority figures of both the legal and the religious worlds.  This house also has a connection to sports and to large animals.  A person with very active ninth house may become, depending on which planets and signs are involved, a university professor, a foreign correspondent, a judge or a jockey.

The 9th house relates to foreign travel.

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Astrology basics: houses 5-8

Astrology basics–the houses of the chart (part 2)

The 6th house relates to work, health and small domestic animals.

Continuing to move counter-clockwise around the chart, we come to the fifth house of the natal chart.  Like Leo, the fifth sign of the natural zodiac, the fifth house of your natal chart relates to all forms of playfulness. This house reveals the direction of your creativity, your sexual style, your interest in gambling and your children.  Think of the fifth house as a astrology’s version of a cross between Las Vegas, an artist’s studio and a kindergarten.  The planets in your fifth house and the sign sitting on its cusp (what astrologers sometimes call the sign which rules the house) reveal something about your attitudes and approach toward these arenas of life. Continue reading

Astrology basics: houses of the chart (part 1)

Astrology basics: houses 1-4 of the natal chart

If you look at your natal chart, it resembles a round pie sliced into twelve pieces.  Those pie pieces are what astrologers refer to as the houses of your chart.  Each house has a particular meaning, relating to a specific facet of your life.  Two people with the same sun sign may express that sign’s energy differently depending on which house contains their Sun.  Having an astrology reading will reveal which house your Sun is in, as well as the house locations of your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and outer planets.

The first house is the mask we wear. (Mask/photo: Lauren Raine, via Wikimedia)

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