Astrology basics: houses 9-12

Houses of the natal chart 9-12

If we continue to utilize the astrological alphabet to find correspondences between the houses of an astrology chart and the order of the signs in the natural zodiac, the ninth house relates to Sagittarius.  The ninth house rules matters pertaining to long distance travel; interest in foreign cultures; higher education; media and publishing as well as interaction with authority figures of both the legal and the religious worlds.  This house also has a connection to sports and to large animals.  A person with very active ninth house may become, depending on which planets and signs are involved, a university professor, a foreign correspondent, a judge or a jockey.

The 9th house relates to foreign travel.

The line between the ninth house and the tenth house is another of those important pillars of the chart, the top half of the vertical division of the circle.  This line, the cusp of the tenth house, is called the midheaven and is the most visible point of the chart, close to the twelve o’clock point and strongly related to the individual’s reputation.  The sign of the midheaven and the planets sitting close to it determine whether or not a person is likely to be honored and respected by the world.

The tenth house correlates with Capricorn in the natural zodiac.  If we think of the opposite house, the fourth, as connected to Cancer and childhood, the tenth house/Capricorn are about adulthood, responsibility .   The tenth house describes our professional goals and our success in achieving them, based on mastery of the proper tools and skills.  This house governs our social status and the degree to which we are seen as figures of authority and integrity.  Planets transiting through someone’s tenth house may indicate a period of interaction with government authority figures.

The eleventh house relates to a person’s inclination to link with other people through groups.  Like Aquarius, the eleventh house of the natural zodiac, people with several planets in this sector of the chart often have a natural affinity for joining clubs or associations focused on humanitarian causes.  The person may derive a strong part of his/her identity from membership in a political party, a subculture, team sport or hobby group.  The eleventh house also relates to technology and the way we tend to look at the future.

The twelfth and final house of the zodiac concludes the circle than began in the first house with constructing our sense of self by dissolving and releasing that self.  This can mean loss of personal identity through death, or through participation in impersonal institutions such as hospitals or prisons. In some cases, it can mean losing our sense of self through addiction or becoming part of a cult. Sometimes it means voluntarily surrendering our personal self for spiritual purposes such as joining a monastery or convent or devoting ourselves to meditation.  A Piscean or 12th house emphasis in someone’s chart may indicate hidden enemies, or someone who is her own worst enemy, engaged in self-delusion.  More positively, this house can relate to dreams, the imagination, great sensitivity to beauty and music and psychic abilities.

Astrology readings require a sensitive ability to synthesize the richly complex information available in an individual’s chart.  Knowing how to read the information in all 12 houses of the chart, along with the placement of the planets and the influence of the zodiac signs, Norah the Astrologer can help you gain a deeper understanding of your gifts and talents.  Norah the Astrologer and her associates have the expertise to understand your natal chart’s information on the karmic contract you formed with the universe prior to your birth.  At the same time, Norah and her associates offer empathy and compassion to help you find creative solutions to the challenges you currently face in your life’s path.

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