What Does the 11:11 Phenomenon REALLY Mean

Have you heard of the 11: phenomenon? It’s a very simple concept, with a very complex meaning. The truth about the 11:11 phenomenon is that nobody really knows what it means, suggesting that it means different things to different people. I will tell you what Norah Guide thinks it is, and my belief is based on 1.) what the general consensus is of this phenom, 2.) what I have seen with this phenom in my life, and 3.) what I have witnessed it in others.

Basically, the 11:11 phenomenon is simply a mysterious appearance of the numbers 11:11 or simply, 11 in your every day life. Suddenly you start to notice it more on digital clocks, addresses, license plates, etc. Does it mean something? When you watch the clock to wait for it, no. But when you suddenly notice it happening more and more, out of the blue, without your conscious doing of it, then yes. In many cases, when you see this, you will think of someone, retrieve a memory, or something will come to your mind at the time.

This is called synchronicity. Synchronicity is a long word for meaningful coincidence. In my world, everything happens for a reason. Some say that when you see 11:11, make a wish. Others simply suggest that this is a way of your guides communicating with you to let you know they are there. Thus, if you make a wish or say a prayer, you are putting your order in direct with the spirit guides that are present. This is how I look at it too. When you see 11:11, it isn’t happening by accident. And it is happening with intent. Your guides and angels are simply touching base with you to let you know that they are present.

Some say seeing 11:11 is a sign of spiritual awakening. No matter what you believe 11:11 to mean, this is true as well. Any time you are taking daily signs and interpreting them as spiritual messages, you are awakening. What we are awakening to when we see 11:11 is a bigger picture that exists.

When you see 11:11, or any version of 11, note that Divine Intervention is happening in your life, you are between the here and the veil, and have been chosen to move into a greater reality. You are ascending in a way that others are not at this time, take advantage of these moments, they are significant, and powerful if you allow them to be. Remember, everything happens for a a reason.

Understanding the Mysteries of the Moon Sign


It’s a common cocktail party conversation starter. “What’s your sign?” Often this leads to an engaging discussion on who is the “true Pisces” in the group, or whether or not someone feels like they are a “real Taurus”. These discussions are always centered around what we know of as our Sun sign. As you know, depending on where you were born, and when, you have a Sun sign on the Zodiac calendar that helps you understand your sense of Self a little bit better. But did you know that you have a Moon sign as well? You do. Technically speaking you have a sign or a house for every planet, Mars may be in your 11th house and Uranus may be in your 7th house and the like. These are all ways of saying little bits about who you are as a person based on your chart, where these planets are in relation to your specific location on the Zodiac. The Sun is of course one of the most important, but the Moon almost equally, if not more so as well. Here we will talk about just what the differences are between your Moon and your Sun sign. Continue reading

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