Horary astrology: questions and answers

Ask almost any question, get an astrological answer

Horary astrology offers an astrological means of answering a question by drawing up a chart for the moment in which the question is asked.  Once a very popular form of astrology, it is less well known today when most people think of astrology solely in terms of personal sun signs.

Although a question by have been present in the mind of the client for some time, the horary chart is drawn up for the precise moment when the astrologer receives and comprehends the question.  Horary astrology can be used to answer a wide range of questions:  the location of a lost object; the outcome of a court case; who will win a political election or a sporting event; whether a romantic relationship will result in marriage; the chances for success of a business venture.

Differences in chart interpretation

Although the chart for a horary question is created the same as an individual natal chart and looks the same, the rules for interpreting it are different.  The Moon and its aspects hold primary importance.  If the Moon sits between 15 degrees of Libra and the same degree of Scorpio, there may be malign forces at work.  If the Moon is in late degrees of a sign, the answer to the question may be unclear.

The first house of the chart, as well as the planet ruling the sign on the first house cusp, relate to the individual asking the question.  If the degree of the Ascendant is less than 3, classical horary astrology holds that means it is too soon to read the answer to the question; if more than 27 degrees, it is too late.

Horary astrology uses strict definitions of the meaning of the planets.  Modern personal astrology looks at natal charts not as restrictive fate-bound predictions, but in terms of psychology, and gives options for utilizing the energy of a planet in complex, multifaceted ways.  So in an individual’s chart, Saturn may mean discipline and perseverance instead of simply restrictions.  However, in horary astrology, Saturn is more likely to have a solely negative meaning, indicating debts, delays, burdens and obstacles.   Saturn in the first house in a horary chart almost always means a result other than the one the questioner wants.


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