Pluto through the houses (part 2)

Pluto in houses 5-8

(This is the second of a 3-part series on Pluto through the houses of the natal chart. The first article looked at Pluto in houses 1-4, this part looks at Pluto in the 5th through 8th houses.  The third part looks at Pluto in houses 9-12.)

dwarf planet Pluto and its moon, Charon, as revealed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (image: Bobdoe via Wikimedia)

The astrological alphabet shows us a correspondence between the zodiac sign Scorpio and its ruling planet Pluto.  So one way to look at Pluto’s placement in a specific house is that the person will be a bit Scorpionic in the particular area of life represented by that house.  Scorpio attitudes and experiences both tend to accumulate wherever Pluto sits in the natal chart.   Take a look at your chart and those of your friends or family members and notice how whatever house Pluto occupies tends to have a bit darker color compared to the other houses of the chart.

5th house

People with this Pluto placement have a powerful drive toward creativity.  They may produce works which have rather dark subject matter.  Fifth house Pluto individuals often have a strong need to have their achievements recognized rather than playing a backstage role.  This placement also indicates a strong ego attachment to how others respond to the individual’s creative projects, their sexuality and their children.  Any criticism in these areas may arouse a vengeful side in the person.

6th house

Someone with Pluto here is capable of long hours of work but there is a strong tendency toward workaholism with this placement.  Someone with Pluto in the sixth may be drawn to medical research or alternative health work dealing with the mind-body connection.  Fields related to cleaning and sanitizing may also be attractive to them.  A transit to natal Pluto in the sixth house may trigger a health crisis which results in the person transforming their life in some way.  Depending on Pluto’s aspects, someone with this placement may also become the caregiver for a family member or spouse.

7th house

People with Pluto in the house of partnership tend at some level to see relationships in terms of power dynamics.  While they seek to have the upper hand in all close relationships, they may exercise that power in a subtle or secretive way.  Although they prefer to be the dominant one in relationships, they also despise and reject anyone who appears weak.  They may choose a romantic partner who holds a great deal of power in the world, perhaps in politics or business, experiencing a sense of importance through this connection. Relationships are also the matrix through which these individuals can transform themselves and grow.

8th house

In astrological alphabet terms, this house, like Scorpio, already has a connection to Pluto.  When the planet is placed here, there is an especially strong urge to achieve power.  Some individuals will express this by aggressively climbing the ladder in a career field which provides opportunities to wield influence.  Others may have a fascination with occult matters and seek power through development of their metaphysical knowledge and skills.  Like people with a 5th house Pluto, these individuals may have some sexually compulsive tendencies.

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